Frequently Asked Questions


When will I get my ScootCrate

We usually ship both the ScootCrate and ScootCrate Apparel on the 21st of the month with the aim to get it to you between the 22nd and 30th of the same month. How quickly you get your box is dependant on where you live.

Where do you Ship to?

We ship to several territories including the UK, Europe and North America!

What will happen once I Subscribe?

Once you subscribe you will be sent an e-mail that shows you the details of your order such as which subscription you have chosen and how many months you have subscribed for. Your crate will be shipped out on the 21st of each given month with a delivery estimate of the 22nd - 30th. Then your ScootCrate or ScootCrate Apparel will arrive, you reveal the contents, then go hit up your local and shred your fresh parts!

How can I cancel my Subscription?

We really hope you enjoy your ScootCrate subscription, but in the event that you need to cancel you can do so from your ‘Customer Account’. Simply head over using the link either here or at the top of the website. When you get there, click the ‘Edit’ button at the bottom of ‘Your Subscriptions’. A ‘Cancel Subscription’ button can then be found at the bottom of the page.

What products can I expect in my ScootCrate?

ScootCrate aims to provide top quality equipment and merch from a variety of amazing scooter brands. In each ScootCrate you will receive no less that two pieces of hardware and a t-shirt which will come accompanied by an assortment of smaller merch items and enough stickers to sort you out until next month!

ScootCrate Apparel comes packaged with at least 1 t-shirt and a load of stickers. You may even get lucky and find some other mystery merch hidden inside!

(However, as this is a mystery box, items shall not be revealed until a day after the final delivery date each month).

Can I buy a Subscription as a gift?

You can! Simply check the ‘gift’ tick box. Make sure you send it to the recipients address! Remember that this is a subscription and you will be charged each month unless you unsubscribe.

How to change my Subscription?

If you need or would like to change your subscription then you can so from your ‘Customer Account’. This gives you the option to update t-shirt size and to upgrade/downgrade your subscription amongst other things!

If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us: