ScootCrate Apparel

ScootCrate Apparel is there to keep your wardrobe fully furnished with the best clothing from your favourite scooter brands! ScootCrate Apparel delivers at least one T-Shirt as well as a stack of stickers and merch directly to your door every month!

You are guaranteed to receive the following:

1x Rad T-Shirt (or upgraded item!)

1x Sticker Bomb Pack (Various Brands)

1-3 Small Merch Items

With a promised value of £20+ per crate!

Example ScootCrate Apparel!

Example ScootCrate Apparel!

Seatbelt at DL.jpg

Keeping that wardrobe fresh

Keeping your style fresh and up to date is key in the ever evolving scooter industry! ScootCrate apparel makes this easy and brings the latest clothing / merch from top scooter brands straight to your door.


What goes in to ScootCrate Apparel?

ScootCrate Apparel brings you, at the bare minimum, one t-shirt and a boatload of stickers. ScootCrate Apparel may also include smaller merch items such as keyrings and socks with the total value RRP always being above the marked £14.99!


Free UK Shipping

ScootCrate Apparel is delivered straight to your door each month with free UK shipping. There’s never been an easier way to keep your wardrobe fresh and ready to represent!

ScootCrate Apparel is now available to EU and NA customers, shipping will incur a fee.